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Phuttha Monthon - the Buddha's Sphere

Approx 21 km. from the Grand Palace to the Oasis of Mind, where you can meditate in the huge green atmosphere.

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SongKran at Phra PraDaeng District

A Thai-Raman tradition of celebrating SongKran Festival in Phra PraDaeng district, Samut Prakarn.

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Do & Don't in SongKran Festival

To be informed for your own Happiness during one of the most popular festivals in Thailand.

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Khao Chae - Rice Soaked in Cool Water

Khao means “Rice” and Chae means “to soak”. If you see anyone eating something like Rice Soup with Ice, that’s – “Khao Chae”, especially in summer time. In the reign of King Rama II, the recipe was adapted from a Mon dish to serve in the palace during summer time. Hence there was no ice, so they put cooked rice to soaked with rain water – mixed with jasmine and candle fume scented –  in earthen ware and left in the shade to keep it cool. The recipe was modified into the complex, multi-dish variety found nowadays. It’s also considered “Royal Thai Cuisine”. If you visit Bangkok in other season and love to try some Khao Chae, there’re 5 places you can still get khao chae in Bangkok after April. Enjoy your Khao Chae – a cooling Thai summer treat.

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Bang Kachao - The Green Lungs of Bangkok

Bangkok’s packed with 8 Millions people in 1,568.7 square kilometres (605.7 sq mi). It’s occupied by financial, business, social, culture and entertainment activities. There are not enough green space in Bangkok to breath.

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