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Do & Don't in SongKran Festival



  • Do give alms and make merit (or just witness the rituals if you are not a Buddhist)
  • Do use waterproof bags to protect your valuables
  • Do watch your belongings
  • Do use public transportation if you are heading to one of Songkran ‘hotspots’, as traffic will be paralysed
  • Do try wishing the locals a happy new year in Thai – “Sawasdee Pee Mai!”
  • Do smile and have fun


  • Do not splash water to monks, babies or the elderly
  • Do not splash water with ice or dirty water
  • Do not splash water at motorcyclists, to prevent road accidents
  • Do not drive when you have been drinking

If you have no idea where to join SongKran Festival, SongKran at Phra PraDaeng District is strongly recommended.

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