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Golden Buddha at Wat TraiMit

Photo: Teerayot Lertwimonkaseme

Wat TraiMitr is located at the end of Chinatown’s YaoWarat Road, next by the Odeon Roundabout, or a few minutes walks from Hua LamPong Railway Station. From the street view, you can see a four story high chapel which contains a 5.5 tons of Golden Buddha on the top floor.

This gorgeous Sukhothai style Golden Buddha was cast sometimes in 13th century. The statue had been covered by plaster to hide from thieve for many years.

Discovering the Golden Buddha, when it was moved to Wat TraiMitr in 1955. Some plaster cover was cracked off, revealing the gold beneath.

Witness yourself the world’s largest gold seated Buddha at Wat TraiMitr.

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