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I-Tim KraTi: Thai Coconut Ice Cream

Photo: deelightfullYveg

I-Tim means Ice Cream and KraTi means Coconut Milk.  I-Tim KraTi or Thai Style Coconut Ice Cream is the best treat for everyone on the sunny days in Thailand.

I-Tim KraTi has been eaten in Thailand since dairy product was nothing, until now, because of plenty of local coconut produces. Even nowadays, many branded name dairy ice cream available in shopping malls around the country, local I-Tim KraTi still be popular nation wide.

The unique of Thai style I-Tim KraTi is variety of Topping that range from roast peanut, corn, pineapple, sweet sticky rice, bread, tapioca balls, pandan noodle, mango, and even frozen egg yolk.

I-Tim KraTi may served in bowl, coconut shell or bread (spreading out, put ice cream in, then topping – like a Hot Dog)

Having a fresh & cool I-Tim KraTi isn’t a Rocket Science, just walk down the street. You can find them from street food venders to restaurants.

Enjoy your sunny day!!

There’s a near by I-Tim KraTi shop, just few minutes walking from NAGA RESIDENCE:

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