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Kanom Pang Sang Kaya Bai Toey - Thai Pandan Custard Bread

Photo: Hot Thai Kitchen

“Kanom Pang” means Bread, “Sang Kaya” means Custard, “Bai Toey” means Pandan.

Basically, Kanom Pang Sang Kaya Bai Toey is a warm steaming, creamy, custardy dip for bread, made from Coconut Milk and Pandan Leaves.

It’s one of the most popular Thai dessert you can find from Street Food, Coffee Shop, or Restaurant. Price starts at 35 THB up, depending on the place you take.

Pandan is the normal flavour (Green Color) for Thai custard, but there are some more optional flavours: Thai Tea (Orange Color) and Taro (Purple Color).

There’s a food stall selling Soy Milk with Kanom Pang Sang Kaya Bai Toey near NAGA RESIDENCE. Just follow the map below.

Bon Appétit!

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