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1. Fishball Noodle 

2. Frozen Yolk Icecream 
Menu: The unique of Thai style I-Tim KraTi is variety of Topping that range from roast peanut, corn, pineapple, sweet sticky rice, bread, tapioca balls, pandan noodle, mango, and even frozen egg yolk.
Price: Start at 40 THB.

3. Cafe 

Menu: Coffee, Tea, and  more..
Price: Start at 60 THB.


4. Bakery 
Menu: Cake, Donut, Cookies, and  more..
Price: Start at 60 THB.

5. Heng: Hoi Tod (Oyster Omelette)
Hoi Tod, Tom Yum Noodle, Organic Drink, and more..
Foods Start at 60 THB, Organic Drink 15 THB

6. Soy Milk
Soy Milk, Kanom Pang Sang Kaya Bai Toey, Youtiao (Chinese doughnut)
Range 10 -50 THB

7. Indian Food & Drink

8. Orchid’s Beef Noodle
Menu: Variety of Noodles with different type of beef cooking, with or without Soup
Price: Start at 40 THB

9. Soy Milk
Soy Milk, Kanom Pang Sang Kaya Bai Toey, Youtiao (Chinese doughnut)
10-50 THB

10. Fishball Noodle

11. Red Bar-B-Q Pork over Rice 
Menu: “Khao” means Rice, “Moo” means Pork, “Daeng” means Red, “Krob” means Crispy. Basically Khao Moo Daeng is the Red Bar-B-Q Pork over Rice with Red Sauce, and it mostly has Moo Krob (Crispy Pork) as an add-on or option.
Price: Start at 40 THB

12. Chinese Dim Sum
 All type of Dim Sum you can imagine to eat in Thailand, and more..
Price: Start at 40 THB

13. Shin Ta: Thai Massage
Thai Facial or Body Massage, Aroma Theraphy Massage, and more..
Fees: Start at 200 THB per Hour

14. Boat Noodle:

  • Noodle dish with strong flavor contains either beef or prok, dark soy sauce, pickled bean curd, bean sprouts, sweet basil leaves and some other spices. It’s normally served with meatballs and pig’s liver.

15. Wan Wan:

  • Rice Noodle in gravy
  • many other Thai foods

16. Moo Satay
Moo Satay
6 Baht per Stick

17. 7-Eleven 
Global Branded Convenience Store, Open 24 Hours


18. Fruit Stall

  • Seasonal Local Fruits


19. Rice Soup with Fish


20. Laundry Shop 
The shop you can leave your cloth for their Laundry Service and come back to pick up at the time you appointed.


21. 9th August Cafe
Menu: Cocoa , Coffee , Ice cappuccino , Espresso , Banana Milk , Lemon , Latte with coffee jelly , Honey Lemon Yakult , Honey Lemon , Volcano milk , Thai tea , Caramal Milk tea with coffee jelly , Apple Green tea
Price: 50 – 75 Baht