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LoHa PraSat at Wat RatchaNadaram
LoHa PraSat at Wat RatchaNadaram

Photo: WikiMedia

“LoHa” means Metal, “PraSat” means Castle. So LoHa PraSat is the Metallic Castle, that located at Wat RatchaNadaram.

Originally, there were 2 more Metallic Castles in the World: India and Sri Lanka which all destroyed. The one in Thailand is the last and only one nowadays.

LoHa Prasat was built in 1846 by the King Rama III at 36 meters high unique & neat architecture representing the 37 virtues toward enlightenment. A relic of Buddha Lord is kept at the top level of this metallic castle.

Loha PraSat is very close to KhaoSan and Golden Mount in Old City district. Please take a visit.

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