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Moo Satay - Thai Pork Satay

Photo: WongNai

“Moo” means Pork. Moo Satay is basically thin sliced pork – marinated with Turmeric, other spices and coconut milk – skewed on bamboo stick, then grilled over charcoal.

As one of the most popular Street Food in Thailand. You can eat Moo Satay as snacks, appetizer, main course or even the left-over meal.

Moo Satay is normally served with peanut sauce, “A-Jad” – a white vinegar with cucumber sauce, and toast. Chicken or Prawn Satay is optional in some shop.

You can find Moo Satay in any Street Food area starting as 5-6 Baht per stick.

There’s a street food vendor at the corner near NAGA RESIDENCE selling Moo Satay too.


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