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Mud-Mee: Thai Traditional Hand Woven Textiles


“Mud” means Tie, and “Mee” means Noodles (in the sense of cotton yarn).

Mud-Mee is the techniques producing patterns in Hand Woven cloths by tying parts of silk or cotton yarns to create the patterns before dyeing them, then using those yarns to weave a piece of cloth.

This techniques has been doing for more than 4,000 years and spread around many countries. So Mud-Mee in Thailand is similar to “Ikat” in Indonesia and “Gasuri” in Japan.

There are many Mud-Mee galleries in Thailand, but the ONLY ONE place that creates and produces “Mud-Son” that’s similar to “Double Ikat”.

You can visit Chabatik to check out some Mud-Mee and Mee-Son (Thai Double Ikat) via boats in Chao Phraya River or taxi from map below:

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