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Phuttha Monthon - the Buddha's Sphere
Phuttha Monthon - the Buddha's Sphere

Photo: Teerayot Lertwimonkaseme

Phuttha Monthon” is also spelled Buddha Monthon, from Sanskrit. “Phuttha” means Buddha, “Monthon” means Mandala, Sphere.

Phuttha Monthon is a Buddhist Park in Phuttha Monthon district, Nakorn Pathom Province of Thailand, west of Bangkok.

Approx 21 km. from the Grand Palace across Somdet Phra Pin Klao Bridge then running on flyover road to Phuttha Monthon, you can see the highlight 15.87 m. (52 ft.) of the Tallest Free-Standing Buddha Statue in the world at the center of this Buddha’s Sphere.

The main statue was designed by Italian Art Professor Corrado Feroci (also known in Thai as Silpa Bhirasri) in 1955.

The park was created in 1957, covering an area of 400 hectares, which is full of well maintained ponds, huts, canals, trees, flowers, and 4 main stations of  in Buddha’s life: birth, enlightenment, first sermon and death.

Phuttha Monthon is a great place for meditation, picnic, biking, walking, fish feeding, bird watching or any activity on your lazy day.

Driving direction from NAGA RESIDENCE to Phuttha Monthon as below, Taxi is highly recommended.

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