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Rad Nar Noodles - Rice Noodles with Gravy

Photo: Len Srinikorn

Bangkok got ranked as the Best City for Street Food by CNN. It’s impossible to try street food without Rad Nar Noodles – Rice Noodles with Gravy.

“Rad” means pouring over or topping, and “Nar” means face or surface. Basically, Rad Nar Noodles have 2 parts: one is the fried noodles and another part is the warm gravy sauce with Kale or Broccoli that soak on top of the noodles.

Rad Nar Noodles are so popular for anytime: breakfast, lunch or dinner with various of options. You can choose noodle from thick flat rice noodles to thing vermicelli to fried egg noodles, soft or crispy fried, and any meat for the sauce: chicken/beef/pork/seafood.

You can find Rad Nar Noodles anywhere from street food vendor to 5 stars restaurant.

Bon appetit!

Well, you can try Rad Nar Noodles in just a minute walk from NAGA RESIDENCE too. Follow this map below:

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